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Fadnov Holds Fire Prevention Simulation

Fire is an enlarged event of a fire that can scorch the objects around it, this happens because of many factors, such as electrical short circuits, sparks of cigarette butts, etc. Fires can occur anywhere, including in buildings, therefore every building especially company offices are always equipped with fire extinguishers to prevent fires.

In this context, Monday 30 September 2019, PT. Fadnov Airtech Indonesia is located at the head office, Jl. Raya Bojongsoang-Buahbatu, Bandung held a Fire Extinguisher Use Training and fire simulation with the aim of providing an understanding of how to deal with fires in the office and understanding the use of fire extinguishers and their proper treatment methods.

The training is in collaboration with one of the fire fighting training service providers and also involves local residents. The training starts with an explanation by the instructor, then does simulation and ends with learning how to use a fire extinguisher.



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