Compressor Applications In Industrial Manufacturing

Quoted from the CompAir website. Compressed air is an essential energy source, with up to 70% of industries using it for some aspect of their operations.

Businesses relying on compressed air for their manufacturing processes cannot compromise on the level of air purity, because any contamination could jeopardise the quality or safety of the product.

When you choose an oil-free compressor from CompAir, you don’t only get the benefits of a guaranteed, clean air supply.

Our oil-free technologies also bring with them significant energy savings and environmental benefits so are becoming a preferred choice for operators keen to improve their carbon footprint.

Typical uses of compressed air in the manufacturing industry include: 

Spray finishing equipment — to vaporise paint so it can be applied to components and products

Air operated tools — air tools are preferred to electric tools as they are light and easy to handle

Air operated lifting equipment — air hoists can be used for a multitude of lifting operations

Shot blasting — air is used to propel grit or shot for blasting and cleaning operations

Cooling & heating — air is used in a vortex tube to create high volumes of hot and cold air for industrial heating and cooling processes

Cleaning — air is used for cleaning processes in manufacturing facilities

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