Company Profile

PT. Fadnov Airtech Indonesia was established on June 9, 2008, we started a business in the field of Air Compressor rental and General Trading

As a distribution and service company, we are determined to be a company that can be relied on by prioritizing customer satisfaction and always maintaining the quality of products and services that we supply as well as the availability of goods and the accuracy of delivery are also supported by excellent after-sales guarantees.

To maintain a commitment to customers that PT. Fadnov Airtech Indonesia is a reliable company in terms of service, we also provide 24-hour service with the support of trusted HR.

Advantage & Recognition of Achievement

1. Lifecycle Cost (LCC)
2. Complete Range products and accessories
3. Uptime guarantee
4. Provide 24/7 emergency services and support to minimize downtime with reliable human resources support.

1. No.1 performing company in Bandung
2. No.2 of National Best-Performing companies by Principals Report 2018
3. No. 3 among global Brand companies in allied market research.
4. No.1 in After Sales Services (By Random Customers 2018)


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