Industrial lubricants


Industrial lubricants have the primary duty to provide performance both in producing and transmitting energy, reducing or transmitting driving forces, producing cooling or pressurized air, as well as for machine tool applications and in many other production areas. Most processes will operate smoothly with special lubricant solutions. Safety, machinery, processes, and systems must be taken into account specifically here. FUCHS industrial lubricants are able to make important contributions to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce energy consumption, for example in hydraulic systems, gear units, and various other applications.
In addition, the naturally decomposed lubricant from FUCHS presents a real alternative solution to replace hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

PT. Fadnov Airtech Indonesia in 2017, was appointed as a distributor of FUCHS lubricants, for the West Java Region. So you can order FUCHS industrial lubricants from Fadnov Airtech Indonesia