Nitrogen and Oxygen generators

Nitrogen generators and Oxygen generators extract the available nitrogen/oxygen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The first step in the PSA process is compressed air passing through a combination of filters and an activated carbon tower with the purpose of removing dust, entrained oil and water. The purified air is then directed to one of two adsorption vessels that are packed with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). The remaining impurities such as carbon dioxide and residual moisture are adsorbed by the CMS at the entrance of the adsorbent bed. PSA process in oxygen generators is very similar than in nitrogen generators. Just carbon molecular sieves (CMS) are replaced with molecular sieves (MS).

Operating pressure 6-10 bar

Operating temperature range 5 to 50 °C

Ambient air temperature range up to 40 °C

Dew points (atmospheric) < -45 °C

Capacity 0,83 to 766,8 Nm3/h

Purity up to 99,999 %

Operating pressure 5-6 barg

Operating temp. range 5 to 50 °C

Ambient air temp. range up to 45 °C

Dew points (atmospheric) < -60 °C

Capacity 1,02 to 94,9 Nm3/h

Purity up to 95 %